780 Miles Is A Long Way To Run For A Pizza…

I’m sure there are many people who feel eminently deserving of a Clapham pizza at the end of a tiring day. However, I would very much doubt that many of those deserving customers would have earned their Clapham pizza quite as indisputably as one Jason Arday.

A local lecturer, Jason has been aiming to achieve the astonishing task of running 30 marathons in 35 days. Naturally there is method behind this apparent madness, because he is raising money for Shelter and the Shooting Star Children’s Hospice in Hampton. So far he’s run 24 marathons, and raised over £5,200. Many people in the Clapham area have seen him running, and he certainly looks set to achieve his target.

When he does, then I would imagine a Clapham pizza about the size of Clapham Common will be the order of the day! But of course, it isn’t any old Clapham pizza that will do. Many pizzas are heavy and fill you up without being completely satisfying. Of course many have so many calories ladled on to them that you’d need to go and run 30 marathons just to burn them all up!

If you’ve ever been to Eco Restaurant to sample our unique Clapham pizza then you’ll be aware that our pizza base doesn’t suffer from the same problems many others do. A Pizza base should be light and tasty, but too many are heavy, bland and end up being left on the side of the plate. What’s needed for Jason, and anyone else who needs a good, wholesome meal that’s tasty, nutritious and won’t blow the entire week’s calories budget in a single course, is an Eco special, made with our own original recipe for salt dough, which makes for a much healthier, lighter and tastier base. Then of course we use only the best, freshest ingredients on top, and served up for a complete gastronomic workout.

By the way, if you would like to sponsor Jason, you can do so by visiting here: http://www.justgiving.com/jasonjogs30in35, and if you’d like to sponsor your taste buds, you can do so at Eco any time!

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