A Tale of Four Basils

Basil!Basil Fawlty – The barking mad hotelier created and made famous back in the seventies by the hysterically funny John Cleese.

Basil so wanted to inject a touch of class into his modest 22-room bed and breakfast in Torquay, but his efforts were not appreciated by his guests who “want to be waited on hand and foot” while he was trying to run a hotel.

Neither was he ever spared the usually unwelcome attentions of his acidic wife Sybil or the escapades of his crazy Spanish waiter Manuel.

Still, he plodded along, lumbering effortlessly from one disaster to the next. Just don’t mention the war.

Basil d’Oliveira – Cricketing legend d’Oliveira sadly passed away just a few days before this article was written. Prevented from playing first class cricket in his native South Africa under apartheid, he emigrated to England in 1960 and played test cricket into his forties and county cricket almost into his fifties, building up an astonishing tally of runs.

In 1968 South Africa’s refusal to allow him into the country as a member of the England test team led to the cancellation of the tour in what was to become known as the d’Oliveira Affair.

In 2005 he was awarded the CBE, and a stand at New Road in Worcester was named in his honour.

Basil Brush – Probably the world’s most famous fox, Mr. Brush looks good for his almost fifty years and is still a big hit with the youngsters.

For many years Basil had his own children’s show, as well as having appeared in Blue Peter, French and Saunders, The Weakest Link, Fantasy Football League, Crackerjack and Are You Being Served, amongst others.

In 2009 he was presented with an ACE award for his services to entertainment. Boom, boom!

Pizza Pomodoro – Liberally applied with tomato and capers, the unmistakable taste of fresh basil on this scrumptious and healthy light-base pizza makes it one of the sought-after specialities at Eco, the best Italian restaurant Clapham Common has to offer.

The Basilico di Dufala pizza, meanwhile, combines layers of succulent mozzarella with basil, tomato sauce and garlic to create an altogether different experience for

the hungry visitor.

The Eco Restaurant Clapham offers a warm welcome and a menu full of options containing herbs and spices bringing out the best in our delicious, finely cooked food. Why not come along and give it a try?

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