At Eco We Always Deliver

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to be a pizza delivery boy for one of the takeaway chains?

The writer is a bit long in the tooth to be contemplating embarking upon a new career, but it does rather come across as one of those occupations that may one day have a “Confessions Of….” film produced in its honour.

Imagine. The telephone call comes through and someone somewhere feels the calling of a Spicy Hot One with extra mushrooms, a bottle of coke and a portion of garlic bread with mozzarella. The meal is cooked and your job is to get it, as warm as possible, to an address on the other side of town. The moped is primed and ready, the food is safely in the box, and you are ready to go.

The stresses and strains of negotiating heavy traffic always have the potential to assert themselves, even if the busiest time for pizza deliveries does fall well outside the rush hour.

Then, when you arrive at your point of call, you need to check the address. Hopefully it is the correct one – misunderstandings often happen over telephone, especially if the customer and the person taking the order speak different languages.

Hopefully, too, the person who answers the door did actually order the pizza. Mischief makers and people wishing to settle scores are an occupational hazard in the takeaway pizza business.

On the other hand, the customer could be a beautiful young lady…

The highly popular Eco Restaurant Clapham though operates according to a slightly different principle. It too organises deliveries, but as a luxurious eat-in premises the focus of this service is on large orders with ample prior notice given. The larger part of its operation caters for visiting customers who will relax and eat an unhurried meal, made from fresh, healthy ingredients on a light, nutritious base.

At this top Clapham pizza house an extensive range of toppings is available, from the traditional to the original and imaginative, with ingredients and flavours skilfully blended to create an unforgettable taste and then served either on a flat or folded base.

Without a doubt it is worth getting on your bike for.

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