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You may not be aware of it, but the Eco Restaurant is far more than just the best restaurant in Clapham.

It is in fact a hub for the young and the not so young to enjoy themselves, at our Kids’ Pizza School, at a morning meeting or networking event, or at a party later in the day for up to seventy people.

At the Pizza School we run lessons in making pizzas. Usually they are managed by our head chef Ahmos on Saturday mornings, although sometimes they are run by a manager. You receive a t-shirt, then some information about how to make the dough and add the toppings. You will be given some written information, then a demonstration of how it all comes together. Then, at the end of it all, you will be awarded a certificate to take home. Sometimes our young visitors organise for their friends to come along to Pizza School as part of their birthday celebrations.

We believe it is good for children to see what goes into their food, and how it is made. Eco Restaurant takes pride in the healthy and nutritious fare that we provide to our customers.

For the older ones, in fact for any age group, we cater for parties. You can organise your own menu. You can order any cake you wish, and it will be delivered to the event. We can accommodate groups of up to 70 people.

The other type of event that we can provide for is the morning meeting or conference. You can request a breakfast buffet, a full breakfast or coffee and pastries. These can be booked from early in the morning up until midday.

When it comes to Clapham Common events, Eco Restaurant is accommodating and versatile. We are not just a restaurant, we operate at the heart of our local community. We are so proud of the good food and good service that we provide to our customers we want you to come and see for yourself, and share in what we do.

Whatever your age, wherever you are, come and enjoy our work with us.

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