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The Elvis Pizza

A couple of years ago I visited the world famous Eden Project. For the benefit of the unfamiliar the project describes itself as “a top gardens and conservation tourist attraction and educational charity in Cornwall”.

One of the attractions at the Eden Project was a feature called “Elvis’ Pizza”. In groups of no more than four at a time, visitors climbed into a London taxi cab which rocked around on a pole to give an impression that it was being driven (if I recall correctly there was even a dummy taxi driver sat at the front!), whilst a video played with a narrative going into some detail on the subject of what was reputed to be Elvis Presley’s favourite pizza.

Now I would not want to criticise the King of Rock’n’Roll, but the man did like to eat. And apparently the ingredients for his pizza of choice were shipped in from the four corners of the globe. “Elvis’ Pizza” inspired one to think about just how much fossil fuel was burned in the cause of bringing one man his favoured snack. He must have had a carbon footprint like the Yeti.

We know better today, of course. Many shops and restaurants source their supplies locally and take other measures to ensure that their food is produced with as little damage to the environment as is at all possible. Ideally we aim to put back whatever we take out. This applies not only to purchasing ingredients, but also to such aspects as disposing of waste and eco-friendly packaging.

At Eco Restaurant, Clapham High Street, we pride ourselves on our commitment to ecology. Carefully sourced produce is not only environmentally friendly, but healthier too. Composting waste food meets better hygiene and a dramatic reduction in packaging and waste. Everyone is a winner.

Sadly Elvis never made it to our restaurant, but if he had I’ve no doubt he would have been convinced. The best restaurant in Clapham, after all, has just got to be fit for a King.

Merthyr Tydfil Pizza Anyone?

I found an interesting, not to mention highly amusing clip on the video social network YouTube the other day involving a man from Merthyr Tydfil who phoned his local supermarket to complain that the pizza he had bought from the store earlier in the day did not have any topping. No cheese, no tomatoes – anything. Almost resigned to having to go hungry, only some way into his call did he realise that he had opened the box upside down and that the topping was actually there in all its splendour on the “bottom”.

Why do I mention this, and apart from the common pizza theme what exactly does this story have to do with a respected Clapham Common restaurant?

Not a great deal I must admit, except that it reminds us that in today’s rush and grab society too many people are prepared to settle for instant, out-of-a-box, often low quality food. Pizza comes on a base, in our case with a unique and healthy salt dough recipe, not out of a box. I don’t know what the precise ingredients of a pizza originating from that particular supermarket are, but the man on the telephone might have actually done himself a favour had his purchase indeed lacked the topping that transpired to be on the bottom.

At our Clapham restaurant we source the finest and healthiest ingredients with a view not just to satisfying an appetite but also to producing good quality, nutritional food. Food that is actually safe to consume as well as easy.

At Eco Restaurants we take healthy eating seriously, producing pizzas that comprise a good portion of fresh, wholesome ingredients atop a light, healthy and tasty base. We combine this with an ecological and socially responsible approach, from waste disposal to packaging.

Next time you are comparing restaurants on Clapham High Street come and take a look at what it is we have to offer. I just know you are going to like what you see.

Why ‘In’ And ‘On’ Are Much More Different Than Simply A Single Letter

Our kids pizza school is well known for providing kids with a fun-filled Saturday morning discovering how to make the perfect Eco pizza, with all their favourite toppings. Whether making it or eating it is more fun I’m not sure, but certainly the kids seem to enjoy both!

But last week I was struck by something one of the children said to me right at the beginning. Perhaps what struck me more was the fact that I was struck by his comment at all. Let me explain.

Just as we were preparing to get started one of the boys asked me ‘what goes in to a pizza?’

Now that might seem a perfectly innocent question to you, and so it is. Except that I couldn’t help noticing that he had asked what goes in to a pizza, rather than what goes on a pizza. Because it’s perhaps one of the most natural things a child might ask when they’re told they’re going to make a pizza, or have a pizza. We think of pizza toppings – our choice of ingredients that go on top. But of course that’s only the topping – the pizza base is very much part of the deal, and yet often it’s ignored.

Of course, at Eco we have never ignored the base, and in fact came up with our own unique pizza base salt dough recipe for a light, tasty and healthy pizza base. It’s what we teach at the pizza school. But just as we’ve spent years thinking about what goes in to our pizzas, most people just think about what goes on them.

Except this boy last week. Was it just an accidental phrased? An unintentional choice of preposition? Or was there really more of an understanding about the fact that the food we eat is comprised entirely of ingredients, and we have a choice over every one of them. Just as we have more of a choice than simply what goes on top of a pizza, so we have a choice about what goes in to our meals.

It’s too easy to be blind to the poor ingredients, and artificial ingredients going in to our food, seeing them only as the base we don’t see because of the more obvious ingredients piled on top.

Here’s to more children asking about what goes in to their food, and certainly at Eco we’ll keep encouraging children at our kids pizza school to think about the choices that too often are completely overlooked.

780 Miles Is A Long Way To Run For A Pizza…

I’m sure there are many people who feel eminently deserving of a Clapham pizza at the end of a tiring day. However, I would very much doubt that many of those deserving customers would have earned their Clapham pizza quite as indisputably as one Jason Arday.

A local lecturer, Jason has been aiming to achieve the astonishing task of running 30 marathons in 35 days. Naturally there is method behind this apparent madness, because he is raising money for Shelter and the Shooting Star Children’s Hospice in Hampton. So far he’s run 24 marathons, and raised over £5,200. Many people in the Clapham area have seen him running, and he certainly looks set to achieve his target.

When he does, then I would imagine a Clapham pizza about the size of Clapham Common will be the order of the day! But of course, it isn’t any old Clapham pizza that will do. Many pizzas are heavy and fill you up without being completely satisfying. Of course many have so many calories ladled on to them that you’d need to go and run 30 marathons just to burn them all up!

If you’ve ever been to Eco Restaurant to sample our unique Clapham pizza then you’ll be aware that our pizza base doesn’t suffer from the same problems many others do. A Pizza base should be light and tasty, but too many are heavy, bland and end up being left on the side of the plate. What’s needed for Jason, and anyone else who needs a good, wholesome meal that’s tasty, nutritious and won’t blow the entire week’s calories budget in a single course, is an Eco special, made with our own original recipe for salt dough, which makes for a much healthier, lighter and tastier base. Then of course we use only the best, freshest ingredients on top, and served up for a complete gastronomic workout.

By the way, if you would like to sponsor Jason, you can do so by visiting here:, and if you’d like to sponsor your taste buds, you can do so at Eco any time!

In Search Of The Typical Clapham Restaurant

Someone asked me recently whether we’re a typical Clapham restaurant. What does that mean? Are we typical? We are, after all a restaurant, and no one can deny that we’re well and truly in Clapham. So if a typical Clapham restaurant is a restaurant in Clapham, I guess we’re it.

But often people seem to think that the location of a restaurant is often one which seems to generate several very similar restaurants. One Italian restaurant seems to result in a plethora of them sooner or later. In many ways this might be true, but we believe that we stand out because of several things that are far from typical.

To start with, we’re not just a restaurant. Yes, obviously there’s the takeaway aspect, and not everyone offers that. But there’s also our kids pizza school. We’re very proud of that, and in all honesty very few restaurants, whether in Clapham or anywhere else, take the trouble to help kids appreciate what goes in to their food, how food is made, and how to take more of an interest in what they out into their mouths.

I happen to think it’s important to teach kids about food. I’d go so far as to suggest it’s our duty, all of us, but all too often it’s very difficult to find the opportunities. When so much food is simply opened, slopped into a bowl and blasted with radiation before being slapped onto a plate and dumped in front of the television it’s no surprise that kids have little interest in knowing more about where their food comes from.

To be honest, I don’t think I’d want to know what goes in to most of the ready meals available at the supermarket. I might never eat again!

But our pizza school does make us unique, not just as a Clapham restaurant, but very nearly in general. Then of course there are our recipes, all of them unique and special to us. Are we a typical Clapham restaurant? I sincerely hope not – we’ve tried very hard to be as different as possible!

40,000 Stomachs To Fill In One Weekend!

As the best restaurant in Clapham, (well, you wouldn’t argue, would you?), we’re used to being busy. However, I have to admit that I’m a little anxious, making sure we’re fully prepared for a fairly major event.

At the end of August, right through the whole of the weekend, around 40,000 people will be invading Clapham! It’s coming up to time for the South West Four festival, which is a music festival that spans two days, with around 20,000 people coming to Clapham Common on each day. That’s a great many hungry tummies!

Many of them, I’m sure, will be looking out for the best restaurant in Clapham, and we believe that what we have to offer at Eco is just right. Because much of the food available around here is either not filling enough, or too heavy. Those 40,000 young people (young at heart too) will need all their energy in order to keep going for two days solid.

Much of the music is dance music, and that requires plenty of energy to keep going! But at the same time you can hardly strut your stuff if your stomach feels as though it’s got a lead ball in it. Our pizza bases are made using our unique salt dough recipe, making it light and tasty, unlike many pizza bases which can be fairly heavy, and certainly not suited to bouncing up and down for 48 hours afterwards.

Perhaps many of the headline acts will be on the lookout for the best restaurant in Clapham, including Carl Cox, Paul Oakenfold, Judge Jules, Pete Tong, John Digweed, Erick Morillo, Armand Van Helden and Josh Wink, but we’ll welcome anyone who enjoys good food.

If you’re in Clapham at the end of the month, you know where to come, and if you see a few tired people looking a little danced out, you’ll point them in our direction, won’t you?

How Far Would You Go For A Good Pizza?

I’ve been looking through some of the feedback we’ve received as a Clapham pizza restaurant. There are several websites around which include details of us as a Clapham pizza restaurant, and many of these provide the facility for people to leave comments.

It’s really quite eye opening, because although we get a very positive feeling from our customers as they come to visit us, there’s often no opportunity to record people’s verdicts. Those who actively find us online and leave a comment clearly have something to say, and so as one of the highest rated Clapham pizza restaurants online, I felt it my duty to check out the comments.

Apparently there’s one couple who come all the way from Weymouth on a regular basis just to eat here! How marvellous is that? If you’re reading this Demian – thank you!

One of the biggest themes seems to be the quantity of toppings. After all, we don’t think there’s much point serving up a delicious thin and crispy pizza base without celebrating it with a gourmet feast artfully sprinkled on top. Most people would seem to agree, and as a Clapham pizza restaurant our reviews do seem to reflect both the quantity and variety of toppings we offer.

The open pizza bar seems to prove very popular, although this is clearly evident by the number of people visiting it each day! It is also pleasing to see that many people are commenting on how affordable our pizzas and meals are, with cost and taste seeming to go hand in hand, or hand in mouth.

We do what we do because we enjoy it, and we believe passionately in producing good quality food in unique ways that are both healthy and delicious. Reading the comments you’re posting it seems we’re doing things right! This is one Clapham pizza restaurant that listens as well as cooks, and we love hearing from you if you have any thoughts – or if you come from further afield than Weymouth!

Pizza School – Lessons Beyond The Menu

Do you know what an oxymoron is? No, it’s not a bit of stupid air, it’s actually a combination of two words which normally contradict each other, such as hot ice, quiet roar, loud whisper, and of course, pizza school.

The idea of combining something we love with something we love to hate might seem like an odd idea, but our pizza school is a roaring success. That’s not even a quiet roar either! The kids who come to our Saturday pizza school have a great time. School was never this fun, or this tasty!

Every week we greet another bunch of excited kids eager to get their fingers sticky, their tummies hungry and their taste buds treated to something they’ve really made themselves. A lot of kids that come to our pizza school have surprisingly little idea what goes in to making a pizza. Oh, they know the main ingredients, because if they order a pepperoni they have a pretty good hunch that there will be pepperoni on it. Although you’d be surprised how few of them realise it doesn’t come in slices!

If they ask for a cheese and tomato pizza, they know that there’s likely to be some cheese on it, and the odd tomato. But there’s so much else to learn, and so much of it is important to our understanding of what goes into food.

These days we’re often surrounded by meals which look good and taste good, but knowing what’s really in them, how they’re made, where they come from and whether they’re good for us or not is a different matter altogether – yet we believe these are the questions we should all be asking, not just the kids who come to our pizza school and learn more about food in one morning than they would by simply reading a menu!

The Clapham Take Away Helping You To Live Longer!

At Eco Restaurant we’ve always taken our responsibility as a healthy Clapham take away seriously, creating our pizza bases using sourdough that ensures a lighter, tastier and healthier base on which to liberally sprinkle the various ingredients. We know just how healthy a Clapham take away can be compared to many of the alternatives, and certainly we know that what we serve is healthier than any microwave ready meal.

But now it’s official. The boffins have spoken and the results are in. It’s good news for all pizza lovers, because the word is that pizza is officially good for you. There is a slight caveat – the base needs to be light and healthy, which is precisely what we provide. Eating a healthy pizza each week is not only
good for you, but it can seriously lower your chances of disease.

The figures suggest that a weekly pizza from your friendly local Clapham take away can reduce throat cancer by 60%, colon cancer by 26% and mouth cancer by 35%. The view is that it’s all the good, wholesome ingredients that go into making a pizza, including fresh tomatoes, herbs, vegetables, olive oil, garlic and spices. So next time someone comments that going for a weekly Clapham take away is not doing you any good, you can smile at them pityingly knowing that you’re simply doing your bit to help make sure you live a long and healthy life.

For our part, we’re doubling our efforts to help you enjoy your pizza all the more, with a wider range of toppings and ingredients than ever, just to make sure that there’s always something new to try, and a new way each week for you to boost your health, vitality and life expectancy! It’s all part of the service at your local Eco Clapham take away!

The Clapham Common Restaurant That’s Leading The Way In Ecological Thinking

Unless you’ve worked in a Clapham Common restaurant you simply wouldn’t believe the amount of waste food that we have to discard every day. Obviously there are the leftovers (although very few fortunately – I suppose that must say a good deal about our food!) but there is also waste food matter such as skins, bones, cores, crusts, peelings and other stuff you probably don’t want to think about when sitting down for your dinner.

Why am I telling you this? Because I feel that as a popular Clapham Common restaurant we have a responsibility to try to do our bit to reduce waste and landfill. For that reason we are now committing ourselves to sending ALL waste food products to be bio-degraded. This is a much better option since this process takes only three days. Now imagine that everything from Friday night could be so completely disposed of by Monday morning!

Like you we abhor the vast quantity of litter which seems to kick about the streets, much of it packaging, and much of it covered in waste food stuffs. Not only does it attract pigeons, seagulls, rats and foxes (something most of us are particularly keen not to do at present), but it is quite clearly unhygienic, and takes a long time to naturally biodegrade. sending waste food stuffs to landfill isn’t much better – it takes ages to decompose and represents a health hazard that we can’t see.

Using a composting process that bio-degrades waste food material within three days we aim to lead the way in ecological, environmentally conscious dining, without losing anything from the process. As a popular Clapham Common restaurant, it’s in our name to be aware of the ecological impact of what we do. So sit down, tuck in safe in the knowledge that we’re doing our bit to clear the plates whilst you’re doing your bit!