Clapham, Of Pizza Fame

Clapham Common Clapham may be a modest South London district, dominated as it is by its vast common, its vibrant high street and the “traditional” aura of its Old Town, but if it were instead a boastful kind of place it would have much to shout about, not least because through the years it has been the birthplace, or in some cases the residence, of a proud list of well known persons from all across the arts, as well as fashion designers, TV chefs, sports personalities, diarists, radical politicians, philanthropists and even a touch of royalty.

The Harry Potter epics were penned at a flat in Clapham, following the distinguished writing tradition of Sir Kingsley Amis, who was born there, Graham Greene, who lived there, and Samuel Pepys, who died there.

Residents from the world of comedy and acting have included Lesley Ash, Jo Brand, Paul Kaye, Dennis Waterman, and Vanessa and Corin Redgrave.

Revolutionary Gerry Healy and journalist Polly Toynbee have both been residents of Clapham, as was the late punk fashion designer Vivienne Westwood. Damon Hill provides the fast and Ainsley Harriott the food. Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, had a flat in Lavender Gardens. And of course the Clapham Sect, led by William Wilberforce, famously campaigned for the abolition of slavery from the Holy Trinity Church on Clapham Common.

There is another man who continues to put Clapham on the map, as much a wizard in his own field as Harry Potter and a man who has written his own chapter in the story of this wonderful and vibrant South London community.

Hi name is Sami, you may or may not have heard of him, but he is the creator of the delicious and nutritious Eco sourdough pizza of great renown.

His famous team performs seven nights a week at a top of the bill Clapham pizza restaurant called Eco Restaurant Clapham High Street.

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