Fast Pizza? You’re Having a Laugh

daryus (72) There is a large and well respected venue in Clapham called The Grand, a place for dancing, listening to good music and having an all round enjoyable time. The visitor can make a party booking or, if particularly flush, can reserve a VIP box.

Saturday nights are comedy nights, and visitors have been entertained by such prestigious personages as Russell Brand and Michael McIntyre.

For the peckish there is a special deal, a pizza from a local fast food restaurant followed by entry to the Saturday night show at a special discounted price.

At the Eco Restaurant Clapham we don’t disparage our competitors. That is not our way. If fast food is your thing then it doesn’t sound like a bad offer.

But at our restaurant we don’t cook fast food. We cook good food, and serve it as fast as we are able. We are proud of the healthy emphasis of our menu, serving pizza on a light, nutritious base so as to best bring out the delicious taste of our fresh ingredients. Our dough is made from our own unique blend of flours that has been perfected over two decades (the blend that is, not your pizza), and is allowed to ferment naturally for a minimum of eighteen hours.

Discerning diners prefer to make a night of it. They will reserve a table, have a drink or two and savour the ambience of our popular Clapham pizza restaurant whilst enjoying a good tasting, nourishing meal.

Then, in no particular hurry, they may move on to the Grand and enjoy an evening of first class entertainment from some of the best up and coming young acts on the national comedy circuit.

There’s no need to rush when you’re having fun. Make a night of it, enjoy yourself, give yourself an eating experience to remember as well as a good time at the cabaret.

Because a quick package deal may saving you a couple of pounds, but when all is said and done if it’s not up to scratch then that’s really no joke.

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