Food is a Serious Business – Don’t Leave It To Chance

Mozzarella Eating out can be a spontaneous decision or a carefully planned event.

When the aroma of melting mozzarella wafts out from the door of the pizzeria and you haven’t eaten for hours it is understandable that you might be tempted to take a look inside to see whether there is an empty table.

Sometimes there will be. At other times it might be too busy. Maybe the only table remaining is somewhere you really don’t want to be sitting.

Or else there may be no seats but you are next in the queue. The group at Table 7 are staring at empty dessert dishes and chatting. You hope and assume that they will leave soon but then, after fifteen minutes of doing what seemed to be very little, perhaps even opening and closing their wallets, they order another coffee.

This is why is so often a good idea to reserve a table. The manager of the establishment knows you will be coming and the table you have reserved awaits you when you arrive. Being aware of your imminent arrival will have given him or her a better opportunity to assess how busy things will be at that time, and how many staff need to be deployed. All in all the whole thing is more organised, more civilised, and you and your party are less likely to end up huddled around a table that is too small, or sharing one with the Battersbys.

At Eco Restaurant, reckoned by many to be the finest of those restaurants close to the Clapham Picture House, you can use the handy online booking form provided on the restaurant’s own website to select not only a time, but also the seat of your choice provided it has not already been reserved.

Your meal is an important and integral part of your evening out. Don’t leave anything to chance, reserve your table and enjoy some truly excellent food in a relaxing and pleasant environment at the Eco Restaurant Clapham.

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