Having One’s Cake and Eating It

“Cakes is cakes” was once a saying in certain parts of London. The message was that no matter how ornate, extrovert and creative was the morsel in question it was, when all was said and done, still a cake. There was a place at the table for cakes, but they were always eaten in the same way, in similar quantities and on the same kinds of occasions.

It would be difficult to look at the range of cakes that are available for special occasions at Eco, the increasingly popular Clapham pizza restaurant, and dismiss them all as being in any way similar, or routine and mundane.

The fact is that for an establishment that specialises in producing some of the finest, tastiest and most nutritious pizzas in the whole of London Eco is surprisingly good at making cakes as the Celebration Cake Menu clearly reflects.

When you arrive at the Clapham restaurant having asked for a speciality celebration cake to be serve alongside your meal it will be here waiting for you. It can even be accompanied by a message of your own choice.

But it is the menu itself that fires the imagination and arouses interest. The various options could not be more diverse, and their content and composition is outlined in such scrumptious detail that anybody reading it whilst hungry would find themselves in serious jeopardy of wanting to devour it rather than waiting for the cake itself.

Pride of place on the menu goes to Eco’s gorgeous Victoria Sponge, with three layers of delicious sponge each interspersed with vanilla butter cream and preserve. Unlike many restaurants and cake shops Eco offers the option of raspberry or mixed berry fillings as well as the more conventional strawberry.

Then there is the glorious Banoffe, again with three layers of sponge and between them two levels of delicious toffee and banana.

Eco also offers a Carrot Cake with a walnut sponge and tasty cheese frosting, or a mouthwatering Black Forest Gateau with cherry liqueur, whipped cream, chocolate mousse and maraschino cherries, as well as an alluring Profiterole Pyramid.

All of these succulent offerings come in various sizes, from six servings per cake to an incredible seventy.

If this sounds unusual fare for a pizza restaurant to be offering, please remember that Eco is no usual pizza restaurant. The staff here go out of their way to make your visit a special and memorable one, whether you are just passing by and feeling peckish or whether you are celebrating and important birthday with friends and the ones you love.

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