How Far Would You Go For A Good Pizza?

I’ve been looking through some of the feedback we’ve received as a Clapham pizza restaurant. There are several websites around which include details of us as a Clapham pizza restaurant, and many of these provide the facility for people to leave comments.

It’s really quite eye opening, because although we get a very positive feeling from our customers as they come to visit us, there’s often no opportunity to record people’s verdicts. Those who actively find us online and leave a comment clearly have something to say, and so as one of the highest rated Clapham pizza restaurants online, I felt it my duty to check out the comments.

Apparently there’s one couple who come all the way from Weymouth on a regular basis just to eat here! How marvellous is that? If you’re reading this Demian – thank you!

One of the biggest themes seems to be the quantity of toppings. After all, we don’t think there’s much point serving up a delicious thin and crispy pizza base without celebrating it with a gourmet feast artfully sprinkled on top. Most people would seem to agree, and as a Clapham pizza restaurant our reviews do seem to reflect both the quantity and variety of toppings we offer.

The open pizza bar seems to prove very popular, although this is clearly evident by the number of people visiting it each day! It is also pleasing to see that many people are commenting on how affordable our pizzas and meals are, with cost and taste seeming to go hand in hand, or hand in mouth.

We do what we do because we enjoy it, and we believe passionately in producing good quality food in unique ways that are both healthy and delicious. Reading the comments you’re posting it seems we’re doing things right! This is one Clapham pizza restaurant that listens as well as cooks, and we love hearing from you if you have any thoughts – or if you come from further afield than Weymouth!

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