In Search Of The Typical Clapham Restaurant

Someone asked me recently whether we’re a typical Clapham restaurant. What does that mean? Are we typical? We are, after all a restaurant, and no one can deny that we’re well and truly in Clapham. So if a typical Clapham restaurant is a restaurant in Clapham, I guess we’re it.

But often people seem to think that the location of a restaurant is often one which seems to generate several very similar restaurants. One Italian restaurant seems to result in a plethora of them sooner or later. In many ways this might be true, but we believe that we stand out because of several things that are far from typical.

To start with, we’re not just a restaurant. Yes, obviously there’s the takeaway aspect, and not everyone offers that. But there’s also our kids pizza school. We’re very proud of that, and in all honesty very few restaurants, whether in Clapham or anywhere else, take the trouble to help kids appreciate what goes in to their food, how food is made, and how to take more of an interest in what they out into their mouths.

I happen to think it’s important to teach kids about food. I’d go so far as to suggest it’s our duty, all of us, but all too often it’s very difficult to find the opportunities. When so much food is simply opened, slopped into a bowl and blasted with radiation before being slapped onto a plate and dumped in front of the television it’s no surprise that kids have little interest in knowing more about where their food comes from.

To be honest, I don’t think I’d want to know what goes in to most of the ready meals available at the supermarket. I might never eat again!

But our pizza school does make us unique, not just as a Clapham restaurant, but very nearly in general. Then of course there are our recipes, all of them unique and special to us. Are we a typical Clapham restaurant? I sincerely hope not – we’ve tried very hard to be as different as possible!

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