Merthyr Tydfil Pizza Anyone?

I found an interesting, not to mention highly amusing clip on the video social network YouTube the other day involving a man from Merthyr Tydfil who phoned his local supermarket to complain that the pizza he had bought from the store earlier in the day did not have any topping. No cheese, no tomatoes – anything. Almost resigned to having to go hungry, only some way into his call did he realise that he had opened the box upside down and that the topping was actually there in all its splendour on the “bottom”.

Why do I mention this, and apart from the common pizza theme what exactly does this story have to do with a respected Clapham Common restaurant?

Not a great deal I must admit, except that it reminds us that in today’s rush and grab society too many people are prepared to settle for instant, out-of-a-box, often low quality food. Pizza comes on a base, in our case with a unique and healthy salt dough recipe, not out of a box. I don’t know what the precise ingredients of a pizza originating from that particular supermarket are, but the man on the telephone might have actually done himself a favour had his purchase indeed lacked the topping that transpired to be on the bottom.

At our Clapham restaurant we source the finest and healthiest ingredients with a view not just to satisfying an appetite but also to producing good quality, nutritional food. Food that is actually safe to consume as well as easy.

At Eco Restaurants we take healthy eating seriously, producing pizzas that comprise a good portion of fresh, wholesome ingredients atop a light, healthy and tasty base. We combine this with an ecological and socially responsible approach, from waste disposal to packaging.

Next time you are comparing restaurants on Clapham High Street come and take a look at what it is we have to offer. I just know you are going to like what you see.

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