No Matter How Different, It’s Still a Pizza

vito3 The pizza is a major chapter in the rich history of world cuisine that is still being written.

With its roots in Italy but with derivatives and distant cousins to be found amongst the Greeks, Phoenicians, Egyptians and a host of other peoples, and with wholly new variants reporting present throughout the last century or so on the other side of the Atlantic, the pizza manages to be simultaneously both proud Italian creation and cosmopolitan international phenomenon.

Which leads us to ask what fascinates us most about the pizza, whether it is its versatility that allows it to manifest itself in so many forms and guises, not only with so many diverse toppings and flavourings but also its different shapes, sizes and forms. Or whether it is its uniformity that reassures us that thick or thin, round or square, meaty, fishy or vegetarian it remains nonetheless a pizza.

Pizza can be enjoyed in thin crust or deep pan format, or stuffed with cheese around the outer edges or not as the case may be. It can be round, square or oblong – even elongated. It can be folded or unfolded, served whole or in individual slices. Some establishments now even offer pizzas that are half one topping, half another. The Americans serve it up as a pie put one can also find microwave pizzas, mini pizzas that can be consumed whole and even pizza flavoured crisps!

Rumours that pizza is soon to be marketed as a beverage remain as yet unconfirmed.

At Eco Restaurant, the premier pizza restaurant in Clapham Common, we have our own concept of this world famous dish. We serve something we like to call nice pizza. Or healthy pizza if you prefer, or nutritious pizza or appetising pizza. Too us it matters not too much what shape, nor which name by which it goes. We know it is how a pizza tastes that distinguishes quality fare from the ordinary.

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