Our Hams Don’t Overact

Parma HamDoes anybody know why a bad actor who compensates for his lack of natural talent by overacting is called a “ham”?

Anyone who knows anything about ham, about the processes that go into its production and the idiosyncrasies of each of the various types of ham that are made around the world, would tell you that this is one meat that plays its part to perfection.

The term “ham” refers to the meat from the thigh of the hind leg of certain animals, usually pigs. Most hams that are sold on the market today are either cooked or cured, that is preserved by smoking or by the addition of salt.

Many different countries, inside and outside of Europe, boast their own unique regional products which vary considerably due to different methods of curing and of cooking, and of course because they derive from different species who are often fed and reared in quite different ways. For instance the French Jambon de Paris is wet-cured and boneless and carved into thin slices, whilst the German Westphaelischer is the product of pigs fed with acorns and is dry cured and smoked over a combination of beechwood and juniper branches.

The options are truly endless!

Probably the best known ham to come out of Italy is of course Parma Ham, or Prosciutto di Parma. Regulated by a consortium based in the Parma province that awards its own mark of recognition to locally reared products that make the grade, the production of Parma Ham has its own unique process. Only large, fresh hams are used and are cured using comparatively little salt, which include garlic. After it is salted the meat is then sealed with pig fat over the exposed muscle tissue, thus slowing down the process of drying. Curing occurs over a minimum period of a year.

At Eco Restaurant Clapham Parma Ham is included in many of our pizzas, antipasti and other dishes. It is the use of the finest ingredients in all our foods that stands us apart as being one of the best restaurants in Clapham, and recognised as such by an ever growing number of satisfied customers.

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