Pasta Sauce, Please!

Pasta SauceEco Restaurant in Clapham Common is rightfully known for its succulent, nutritious and healthy pizzas.

And yet for those who like a bit of variety, or to whom pizza doesn’t appeal, we are highly regarded for our range of other dishes, not least our extensive selection of pastas.

To some gnocchi, zucchini, pappardelle, maccheroncini, tortellini, vermicelli, bigoli, fusilli and casoncelli may read like the first few names from a Euro 2012 soccer team sheet, but to those in the know they are some of many exciting varieties of pasta or pasta dish that are widely enjoyed around the world today.

Most pastas are made from durum wheat, although some varieties can be made from wheat flour or buckwheat flour. Other ingredients include water and sometimes eggs. In its native Italy pasta is usually enjoyed al dente, meaning “firm to the bite”, in other words not excessively soft. Pasta made without eggs (dry pasta) has the advantage of enjoying a shelf life of two years or even more.

Generally speaking pasta comes in three forms – long pasta (such as spaghetti), short pasta (in shapes such as penne or rigatoni), or minute (also called pastina, used mostly in soups). It is sometimes available in wholemeal, and sometimes in different colours when pigmented by tomato, for example, or spinach.

As well as the excitement value that comes with variety, there is sometimes a logic to the different shapes and sizes. The ability of a pasta form to hold a particular sauce, for example, is often dependent upon its shape. A classic example is ravioli, which is sealed to encase minced meat, cheese or other fillings.

At Eco, recognised as one of the finest Italian restaurants in Clapham, we serve a wide range of pastas topped with the finest meats, fish, seafood and vegetables and tossed and served in some of the most creative and mouth-watering sauces that it is possible to imagine.

Come along and try it for yourself.

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