Pizza School – Lessons Beyond The Menu

Do you know what an oxymoron is? No, it’s not a bit of stupid air, it’s actually a combination of two words which normally contradict each other, such as hot ice, quiet roar, loud whisper, and of course, pizza school.

The idea of combining something we love with something we love to hate might seem like an odd idea, but our pizza school is a roaring success. That’s not even a quiet roar either! The kids who come to our Saturday pizza school have a great time. School was never this fun, or this tasty!

Every week we greet another bunch of excited kids eager to get their fingers sticky, their tummies hungry and their taste buds treated to something they’ve really made themselves. A lot of kids that come to our pizza school have surprisingly little idea what goes in to making a pizza. Oh, they know the main ingredients, because if they order a pepperoni they have a pretty good hunch that there will be pepperoni on it. Although you’d be surprised how few of them realise it doesn’t come in slices!

If they ask for a cheese and tomato pizza, they know that there’s likely to be some cheese on it, and the odd tomato. But there’s so much else to learn, and so much of it is important to our understanding of what goes into food.

These days we’re often surrounded by meals which look good and taste good, but knowing what’s really in them, how they’re made, where they come from and whether they’re good for us or not is a different matter altogether – yet we believe these are the questions we should all be asking, not just the kids who come to our pizza school and learn more about food in one morning than they would by simply reading a menu!

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