Pizza, the International Italian Dish

Everybody knows that pizza is essentially an Italian dish, notwithstanding the fact that other Mediterranean nations have at various points in time and history produced flatbreads of their own which may have borne a tentative resemblance.

And yet how many people know that several nations have paid the dish the ultimate compliment by inventing their own unique versions and derivatives?

The Australian pizza, otherwise known as the Australiana (yes it’s true!) is usually made by adding bacon and egg to the traditional Margherita, but for those whose wish to go completely ethnic it can sometimes also feature kangaroo, crocodile and emu meats.

In Brazil a version is offered as a dessert which can include banana, pineapple or even chocolate.

The Indian pizza may opt for paneer in place of the conventional Italian mozzarella, and is also available in a tandoori chicken topping.

In Israel a meat-free kosher version is available for those who follow religious dietary observance that forbids the mixing of meat and dairy produce. Some Middle Eastern spices are also added to give the pizza a particularly local flavour.

Local toppings in South Korea can include Bulgogi (a marinated barbecue beef) or Dak galbi (marinated chicken mixed with stir-fry vegetables in a chilli pepper paste).

Spicy chicken and sausage based pizzas are very popular in the eastern regions of Pakistan, although the dish is still relatively unheard of in the west of the country.

Meanwhile in the United States the presence of large Italian and Greek communities has ensured that pizza is a mainstream and popular food, though many local and regional versions have emerged with their own special character.

At Eco Restaurant in Clapham Common meanwhile, traditional Italian pizza remains the order of the day, although pasta, risotto, salads and a whole lot more also adorn the enticing menu. An extensive range of foods and wines are available to a wonderful traditional and cultural experience for all to enjoy.

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