Plucking An Idea Off The Pizza Tree

Have your children ever asked you where food comes from? Come to that, have you ever asked your children if they know? Ordering a pizza can sometimes be an exercise in guess-the-ingredient, with many children tucking readily into their rather circular square meal with great gusto but little idea what it’s made of, quite apart from not having the slightest clue as to where it all came from.

That’s the trouble with eating today – it’s easy to order food, but similarly easy to ignore it, or at least to ignore what it’s really made of, how it was made, where the ingredients come from and what decisions went in to making it taste and look the way it does. Essentially, we’re losing interest in the very stuff of which we are made, and it’s not helping our children.

I think a lot of children view the process of ordering a pizza as being a case of phoning up a restaurant who then proceed to pluck the pizza fresh of the pizza tree, warm it up, box it up and hand it over. The pizza tree – now there’s an idea.

But here’s the rub, because ordering a Clapham pizza could actually be a real exercise in helping children to learn more about their food, appreciate what goes into it, how it’s made and how to have more control and understanding about the things they put into their mouths. Rather than spending £12 on a cardboard box full of largely unidentifiable gloop, why not send your children along to our Kids Pizza School.

Here they’ll learn how to make their very own pizza from scratch, kneading the dough, shaping it, choosing the ingredients and putting it all together. Not only will they love eating it afterwards, but perhaps it will go some way to helping teach children a little more about where food comes from and giving them more appreciation of good food.

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