Seafood and Eat It?

Seafood It’s the oldest gag in the book. The “seafood diet” – see food and eat it.

Real “seafood” is in fact, quite simply, anything edible by humans that comes from the sea. It can refer to fish, or shellfish, or indeed any form of plant life that has its origins in the oceans, such as seaweed or kelp.

Research has shown that there are considerable health benefits to be gained from eating seafood on a regular basis. Meat from the sea is both low in calories and high in protein. What fats it does contain are of the oily variety that protect the heart from the adverse effects of saturated fats.

Scientists are also widely of the view that a regular intake of seafood boosts the functionality of the brain, and in particular can help children suffering from ADHD to concentrate more effectively.

As a source of highly digestible protein seafood can assist in muscle development, and it is also a valuable source of minerals such as iodine and selenium. Shellfish in particular is a good source of zinc, an important element for growth.

Of course none of this would be of much use to the connoisseur of fine foods unless it was actually pleasant to the taste. Fortunately seafood is extremely pleasant to taste, and the different and distinct flavours that one obtains from mussels, cockles and whelks to name but a few, not to mention prawns and squid, do actually blend together very well to create a number of exciting dishes such as the Spanish delicacy paella.

When brought together as a topping for pizza it is collectively known as Marinara, and it is one of the most popular pizza options available.

At the renowned Clapham pizza restaurant Eco cuttlefish, octopus, squid, mussels and king prawns are combined to create one of the restaurant’s most sought after offerings. Served as it is upon a light, healthy base Eco’s Marinara really is truly exquisite.

Which goes to prove the point that there is some food one really cannot see without eating.

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