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Our Clapham is Big, Our Pizzas are Grand

ClaphamWhilst doing a little research into the history of Clapham I was a little taken aback by the following description from Wikipedia:

“Clapham has numerous public houses and several small shops; including a post office, Chinese and Indian takeaways, fish and chips, a florist, a hairdresser; also it has two churches. It has its own lower school for children aged 4–9, Ursula Taylor Lower School. In the nearby village of Oakley is Lincroft Middle School for children aged 9–13. It has three pubs, the Horse and Groom, the Fox and Hounds and the Star, as well as these there is also a club called "Clapham Club". There is also an Italian restaurant, Bellini’s.”

A post office? A florist? Two churches and one school?

And just one Italian restaurant?

It took a few moments for the penny to drop. Wiki is in fact describing another Clapham, this one in rural Bedfordshire. It would appear to be most famous for hosting the airfield from which the legendary band leader Glenn Miller took off on his last fateful flight, never to return.

Our Clapham, by contrast, doesn’t have an airfield to call its own, although it is a reasonable travelling distance from Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and Luton. It has lots and lots of shops – florists, post offices, hairdressers – and churches and other places of worship of all denominations and faiths. It has many schools, and more pubs than even Oliver Reed in his prime could have visited in an evening.

And as for Italian restaurants, although it is not the only one in town Eco Restaurant’s faithful band of regular visitors will tell you that it is the best restaurant in Clapham, indeed many swear that our fine team of staff serve what is in actual fact the best pizza in London.

It may be a bit of a hike from Bedfordshire, but we have the busiest train station in Europe so if any of our Clapham brethren should feel the call of pizza and Bellini’s is closed there will always be a warm welcome for them at the Common.

Up The Junction

ClaphamJunctionIt was a famous 1963 book by Nell Dunn and followed up with a film version in 1968 starring a then very young Dennis Waterman alongside Susan George, Suzy Kendall and Maureen Lipman.

“The Junction”, of course, was Clapham Junction, although the phrase “Up The Junction” went on to become a colloquialism for an unplanned pregnancy. Some years later the term lent its name to a hit single by the South London group Squeeze, who drew heavily upon the book and the film for inspiration.

Clapham Junction station is the busiest railway station in the United Kingdom, possibly in Europe, in terms of the number of trains that actually pass through – around 2000 on a typical day. About 12.5 million people either board or alight a train there each year.

For those of us who begin our journeys in West London and wish to head for the south of the country it provides a useful means of avoiding Central London, as the trains invariably stop at Clapham Junction en route having departed from Waterloo or Victoria.

It is alas a great shame that many of those millions who pass through the Junction will remain forever unaware of the presence of one of London’s greatest pizza restaurants just a mile or two along the road from the station.

There are many good restaurants in Clapham, but none quite like Eco Restaurant, the home of the Clapham pizza. Eco’s pizzas are specially created with a unique healthy base which is not only nutritious but is also designed to bring out the taste of the toppings at their very best.

Whenever you are passing through the nation’s busiest railway station why not take some time out to come and visit the best restaurant in Clapham and partake of its legendary succulent and healthy offerings?

Plan your visit well in advance, and you’ll not be left Up The Junction.