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‘Tis the Season

ChristmasNobody who has ventured out onto the street or switched their television on for more than a few minutes could possibly have failed to notice – Christmas is upon us once again.

It is the season of goodwill to all men (of whatever gender). A time when we eat a little more than usual, drink a little more than usual, and buy those we love sundry things to place in their bedside sacks or under the Christmas tree.

It is a time when we need to think very carefully about what to buy our partners, our children, our parents or our friends. A surprise is always wonderful to receive, but what if it is something that the recipient absolutely doesn’t want? Clothes that don’t fit, or that our daughters refuse to wear because the label is last year’s? A Tottenham Hotspur soccer kit for our Arsenal supporting son? The wrong beer for father, or yet another consignment of socks when he has yet to open the ones we bought for him last year?

Gift vouchers do sometimes appear the safer option, but even then a book voucher for a person who doesn’t find the time to read, or a record (or modern equivalent) voucher for someone without any means of playing recorded music, can be of limited appeal to the recipient.

One option is to treat our loved ones to a drink or a meal. To take them out to a nice place and to allow them to choose what it is they want. Instead of, or even as well as, buying a present.

Eco’s popular Clapham Common restaurant is an excellent choice for a Christmas treat. With an extensive and varied menu offering some of the finest pizzas alongside numerous other meal options, sumptuous desserts and an impressive range of wines, beers and drinks, your companion will be spoilt for choice.

Take the worry out of Christmas shopping by treating your loved ones to a meal out and letting them choose. That way you just can’t get it wrong.

The Clapham Common Restaurant That’s Leading The Way In Ecological Thinking

Unless you’ve worked in a Clapham Common restaurant you simply wouldn’t believe the amount of waste food that we have to discard every day. Obviously there are the leftovers (although very few fortunately – I suppose that must say a good deal about our food!) but there is also waste food matter such as skins, bones, cores, crusts, peelings and other stuff you probably don’t want to think about when sitting down for your dinner.

Why am I telling you this? Because I feel that as a popular Clapham Common restaurant we have a responsibility to try to do our bit to reduce waste and landfill. For that reason we are now committing ourselves to sending ALL waste food products to be bio-degraded. This is a much better option since this process takes only three days. Now imagine that everything from Friday night could be so completely disposed of by Monday morning!

Like you we abhor the vast quantity of litter which seems to kick about the streets, much of it packaging, and much of it covered in waste food stuffs. Not only does it attract pigeons, seagulls, rats and foxes (something most of us are particularly keen not to do at present), but it is quite clearly unhygienic, and takes a long time to naturally biodegrade. sending waste food stuffs to landfill isn’t much better – it takes ages to decompose and represents a health hazard that we can’t see.

Using a composting process that bio-degrades waste food material within three days we aim to lead the way in ecological, environmentally conscious dining, without losing anything from the process. As a popular Clapham Common restaurant, it’s in our name to be aware of the ecological impact of what we do. So sit down, tuck in safe in the knowledge that we’re doing our bit to clear the plates whilst you’re doing your bit!