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But Where is the Clapham Cook Today?

Who is the Clapham Cook?

Let us begin with a clue. And you’ll see when you start to follow this story that clues are an essential part of what it is all about.

The clue is that today we know where the Clapham Cook is to be found – in a restaurant in Clapham Common. Whenever a pizza is ordered by a hungry patron, the Clapham Cook is there, just waiting to leap into action and showcase his not inconsiderable culinary talents. But it wasn’t always that way.

An earlier Clapham Cook was called Eliza Dunn, and she walked out of her job at the Todd residence in Clapham without having worked her notice and hadn’t communicated with her employer since except to send for a trunk, which had been packed some time before.

Wondering whether was any connection between her wilful disappearance and that of a clerk at a local bank, Hercule Poirot set about his investigations and discovered that Ms. Dunn had been sent away by a lodger at the Todd residence, one Mr. Simpson, who as it happened worked at the same bank as the missing clerk.

When Ms. Dunn’s belongings arrived at her new abode without her trunk a train of events was set in place, at the end of which Poirot’s investigations resulted in the arrest of Simpson who had boarded an ocean liner bound for America, and the recovery of the missing bank clerk’s body in Ms. Dunn’s missing trunk.

There is nothing quite so mysterious about today’s Clapham Cook. He and his team can be tracked down at a top Clapham pizza restaurant called Eco, where every last one of them can be banked on not to disappear until the work is done.

The expert team at Eco are all fine upstanding citizens whose only crime is to produce pizzas and pastas that put all others in the neighbourhood to shame. But don’t take my word for it, please come along to Eco yourself and investigate.