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The Clapham Take Away Helping You To Live Longer!

At Eco Restaurant we’ve always taken our responsibility as a healthy Clapham take away seriously, creating our pizza bases using sourdough that ensures a lighter, tastier and healthier base on which to liberally sprinkle the various ingredients. We know just how healthy a Clapham take away can be compared to many of the alternatives, and certainly we know that what we serve is healthier than any microwave ready meal.

But now it’s official. The boffins have spoken and the results are in. It’s good news for all pizza lovers, because the word is that pizza is officially good for you. There is a slight caveat – the base needs to be light and healthy, which is precisely what we provide. Eating a healthy pizza each week is not only
good for you, but it can seriously lower your chances of disease.

The figures suggest that a weekly pizza from your friendly local Clapham take away can reduce throat cancer by 60%, colon cancer by 26% and mouth cancer by 35%. The view is that it’s all the good, wholesome ingredients that go into making a pizza, including fresh tomatoes, herbs, vegetables, olive oil, garlic and spices. So next time someone comments that going for a weekly Clapham take away is not doing you any good, you can smile at them pityingly knowing that you’re simply doing your bit to help make sure you live a long and healthy life.

For our part, we’re doubling our efforts to help you enjoy your pizza all the more, with a wider range of toppings and ingredients than ever, just to make sure that there’s always something new to try, and a new way each week for you to boost your health, vitality and life expectancy! It’s all part of the service at your local Eco Clapham take away!