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What Are 94% Of Clapham Takeaway Business Missing?

Here’s the problem as I see it: Type ‘Clapham takeaway‘ into Google and you get over 140,000 results. That’s a whole heap of takeaway – that’s one a day every day for 386 years. I wouldn’t like to have to pay for that bill or work out the size belt needed to keep the trousers from bursting apart.

But try modifying your search slightly and type in ‘healthy Clapham takeaway’ and the results plummet, leaving over 130,000 results disappearing over the proverbial spare tyre.

Why should this be the case? Is it the advertising that misses a trick, or is it really the case that restaurant owners and takeaway shops are failing to get a grip on the need to provide wholesome, nutritious and healthy food?

After all, takeaway food and fast food doesn’t have to be unhealthy. I can have a boiled egg ready in 3 minutes – you can’t get a lot faster than that, and it’s fantastically healthy. All right, so Clapham takeaway enquiries for boiled egg pizza might be thin on the ground, but the point still stands, that for the overwhelming majority of businesses and consumers the concept of a healthy Clapham takeaway is of no importance.

Or perhaps I have that wrong. Perhaps it’s not the consumers, but just the businesses? I think today more and more consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of the need to eat healthily, but combining this with a hectic lifestyle and little time for preparing dinner at home after a tiring day at work doesn’t leave much room for choice. Especially with 94% of online search results failing to respond to the word ‘healthy’.

Fortunately at Eco we have always stood for quality, originality and healthy ingredients, with our unique sourdough pizza bases providing a light, tasty and healthy alternative to the usual heavy, rich and less healthy alternatives found.

Right next door to eco is esca a deli where most of the food on sale is produced on the premises. It is very popular on takeaway as it is a common understanding that such a business is geared to provide such a service whereas a restaurant is not thought of in this way. Eco, however due to the open plan layout and efficient system of production and the very nature of the pizza being something that is cooked very quickly, is virtually as efficient as Macdonalds & KFC minus the deep fat fryer. equally, and contrary to assumption, Eco turns around thousands of takeaways, especially at the moment with the World Cup, improved weather and close proximity to the throngs sprawled in a mass on the common.

I rate the Clapham communities understanding and value they place on food; it shows their respect for their own well being. It is evident when you sit on the High Street how many people are out and about jogging, heading into and out of the gyms popping into esca for a takeaway and sitting in eco in their shorts and trainers after a sesh.