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Rise & Shine at Eco

BREAKFAST at ECOEco hasn’t remained one of Clapham’s favourite eateries for over two decades by standing still.  Having celebrated its 20th birthday with a stunning refurbishment, it has now introduced some exciting additions to its menu.

Proving one of the most popular is its new weekend breakfast offering, bursting with the finest Italian ingredients and the most tempting Mediterranean flavours, which together take early morning fare to a whole new level.

Among the signature creations that have already found favour with locals and visitors alike are the Grilled Scarmorza, grilled sourdough with smoked scarmorza cheese melted over poached free range eggs, home-baked carved ham and hollandaise sauce. Carnivores meanwhile are in for a similar treat with the Totally Vegan, a veritable smorgasbord of smashed avocado, vine tomatoes, aubergine, grilled mushrooms, house beans and grilled sourdough.

Equally irresistible is Eco’s selection of frittatas, free range eggs cooked in the pan with spinach and parmesan, served with freshly baked sourdough. These little beauties come in three fabulous varieties, smoked salmon, crème fraîche, rocket and dill among them.

Breakfast at Eco is served every Saturday from 9am until 11.30am and Sunday from 9am until 10.30am.

Eco’s Great Gift Fufills a Knead

Eco pizzeria

To celebrate 20 years as south west London’s favourite pizzeria, Eco is making its customers an offer they really can’t refuse.

For two decades owner Sami Wasif and his team have devoted time, energy and resources to creating the perfect sourdough pizza. Now Eco is giving customers the opportunity to recreate these masterpieces at home by supplying them with a sample of its naturally fermented mother dough. What’s more, they are doing so completely free of charge.

All people need do to take advantage of this complimentary gift is to call or email ahead so that Eco has sufficient supplies of dough pre-packaged for pick up.

Using a process it has honed over the years – and which is in fact based on methods that date back to pre-historic times – Eco’s mother dough is the key ingredient that makes its pizzas unrivalled in terms of taste and texture. Combining different flour types, this living, breathing organism is left to rise in two stages (the first for a minimum of 12 hours), thereby delivering a full-flavoured, crispy base that is light and easy to eat.

Most common mass produced breads are made using dried, quick active yeast which was first used during World War II to speed up the dough fermentation process. Some half a century or so later and people are realising that these products are inferior in taste and lacking in nutritional value, leading them to seek out naturally fermented breads instead. With Eco now offering customers the chance to sample its infinitely superior dough in both the restaurant and at home, this movement will continue to gain momentum.