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Gris or Grigio, Blanc or Noir, It’s the Same Great Taste

Pino GrigioThe famous Pinot Grigio wine has a fascinating history and for some understanding it almost seems to make the experience of drinking it more satisfying and complete.

The word pinot means “pine cone” in French and its use could be a reference to the shape of the clusters of grape from which the wine is made, which for some do indeed resemble that of a pine cone.

In France the wine is known as Pinot Gris, and its roots can be traced back at least as far as the Middle Ages, where it is found in the Burgundy region, and by 1300 it and Pinot Noir had found their way to Switzerland. Before long Pinot Gris was being produced in many parts of Europe. By the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries the wine had begun to fall out of favour in these areas due to poor yields, however researchers at an American university subsequently discovered that the Pinot Gris grape has an almost identical DNA to the darker Pinot Noir, and that the difference in coloration had probably derived from an earlier genetic mutation.

In Italy the wine is produced primarily in the Friuli-Venezia Guilia and other north eastern regions, and is known by the slightly different name Pinot Grigio. It is this incarnation of the product that has become especially popular on the international market in recent years.

At the Eco Restaurant Clapham this delightful wine is available to customers both as a white (Pinot Grigio Principato) and as a rosé (Pinto Grigio Rosé Ancora). In both the fruity taste predominates and as a good quality yet inexpensive option it is frequently ordered alongside our widely acclaimed pizzas or pasta dishes.

Try a glass of Pinot Grigio next time you are at this well-liked and celebrated restaurant in Clapham Common.