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Go Where the Pizza Takes You

PizzaIt’s the eternal dilemma when deciding where to live in the UK, whether to head for the bright lights or for the wide open spaces.

There is much to be said for the countryside. Away from the hustle and bustle of a hectic city life it is difficult to envision a setting more removed from the cramped and jostled existence of the London commuter than a farmhouse on a remote Scottish island or a cottage in a small, unspoiled English town resplendent with thatch-topped tea rooms and roadside notices announcing the sale from somebody’s shed of freshly laid eggs and home-grown strawberries.

Of course life in the city need not involve London. Any major city in the UK will offer nightlife, shopping, cinemas and sporting events. But having lived in Manchester and travelled the land it is the writer’s experience that there is a “not quite London” spirit about Britain’s “other” cities, no matter how justifiably attached their indigenous inhabitants might be to their respective regional identities.

There is a different kind of attachment to be felt to Little Stomping on the Mire, its dreamy village green and its untarmacked roads, a place where “every man is my brother” has a different meaning to that which it has in church and where the cider is so thick it can be eaten. There is certainly no substitute for the country air and the outdoor life.

It is really all a question of personal taste. Horses for courses, as the saying goes. The invigorating freedom of country life has to be weighed up against the inconvenience of having to sail the seven seas to visit the dentist, or the unthinkable consequences of being barred from the island’s only pub.

One advantage the city in general and London in particular has is the sheer variety and choice of restaurants, especially pizza restaurants. Indeed when you are on the lookout for pizza Clapham Common is the place to be, and one of the best restaurants in Clapham Common is Eco Restaurant, where the most innovative and expertly created toppings come on a light, nutritional base for maximum flavour and the ultimate gastronomic experience.

Our folded pizzas lock in the flavour and you can have more or less anything in them that you’ve ever longed for. Unless you are seeking the wide open spaces, of course.

Salmon as a Pizza Filling – a Leap of Faith?

Pizza SpinningWhether one is catching it or eating it, the salmon enjoys a reputation for being a cut above the ordinary.

Salmon is a game fish, and those who desire to catch them on rod and line will usually have to pay dearly for the privilege. Whereas most other species can be sourced more or less freely from the rivers and the open seas, the salmon fisherman will need to take out paid membership of a dedicated fishery, whether that membership be on an annual, a monthly or a per visit basis. Even then there are often rules about how many fish can be removed at a time.

It is a source of pride for those who love old Father Thames that the river is now clean enough to play host to salmon. When I was a child my friends and I would fish the river and news even of the related trout, let alone salmon, being caught nearby was usually only a rumour. Trout are now caught in significant numbers, but as far as salmon are concerned although there are known to be some they remain nowhere near plentiful enough to be specifically targeted as quarry.

All this probably explains why salmon, whether as a main course or as a sandwich filling, is consistently the more expensive option. More often than not a restaurant that has smoked or grilled salmon on the menu at all can expect to be thought of as a cut above the others. Salmon is seldom café fare.

Of course the salmon is unusual amongst domestic freshwater fish in that it migrates to the sea and then back again. In other words it makes that extra effort to be where it feels best suited to be, and is prepared to travel a bit in pursuance of a little luxury.

Those restaurant goers who do likewise are more likely to enjoy the experience of dining at Eco Restaurant, one of the finest restaurants in Clapham Common. There they will have the opportunity to partake of the delicious Smoked Salmon and Spinach Pizza that enjoys pride of place on the restaurant’s extensive pizza menu.

Also featuring mozzarella cheese, capers, tomato and garlic oil, the magical combination of salmon with spinach resting atop a healthy and nutritious dough base is truly worth migrating for.

Take a leap through the door whenever you are next in the area.

What to Eat for Breakfast when in Rome or Clapham

There is an old saying about “When In Rome…”, which roughly translated means that one should adapt one’s mannerisms and general behaviour according to the accepted norms of the people into whose natural habitat one happens to have intruded.

The eternal conundrum though is, when in a Clapham pizza restaurant, is one in Rome or in London? Culturally speaking, I mean.

Specifically, if one happens to be somewhere inside the Eco Restaurant, general held to be one of the finest restaurants in Clapham Common, at breakfast time, does one opt for the English or the continental?

The difference could not be more pronounced. The former is a typically generous platter of sausages, bacon, eggs, tomato and mushrooms, with optional ketchup or brown source and often accompanied by a mug of hot tea or coffee.

The latter, on the other hand, is a comparatively light combination of croissants with sundry jams, marmalades and spreads combined with thinly-sliced offerings of meat.

Unbeknown to some, there are further options available with which to satisfy the particularly discerning morning palette. One that particularly catches the eye is called the “pink prosecco breakfast”, which combines a choice of eggs benedict, smoked salmon with scrambled egg or a Full English with a glass of pink prosecco – a refreshing pink sparkling wine.

What the reader may not be aware of is that Eco’s extensive breakfast menu offers all three, and constituent parts thereof, as well as kippers, bruscettas, fruit salads, breads and pastries.

Eco may be a pizza restaurant, but it is so much more than just a pizza restaurant.

So when you are in Clapham, in an Italian restaurant, do you go English or continental? Fried slice or pancetta? Sausage or salami?

Actually, it’s your choice.