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Pig Out on Truffles This Season at Eco


With some varieties fetching up to £110,000 a kilo, truffles are among the most expensive foods in the world. Known as white and black gold – for their rarity as well as their price tag – these much prized delicacies will be coming back into season at the end of September. To mark the occasion on of south west London’s favourite eateries Eco is adding a tasty crop of new dishes to its specials menu for the first week of October.

The restaurant’s talented culinary team have harnessed the unique musky aroma and distinctive flavour of truffles to produce such fabulous delicacies as pumpkin ravioli served with butter & black truffle; black truffle pan fried veal; wild mushroom & truffle risotto and tagliatelle al tartufo (tagliatelle with butter, truffle shavings and grated parmesan).

Fans of these earthy delights will also be pleased to discover that they have even found their way onto Eco’s celebrated pizzas, courtesy of a new addition featuring a delicious combination of fontina, porcini and truffle oil.

For anyone still not truffled out, these fabulous fungi can also be added to any house pizza for a supplement of just £2.50 per 5g.

Eco’s truffle dishes will be on their specials menu from 1st – 7th October and prices start from £12.95

Eco, 162 Clapham High Street, London, SW4 7UG

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