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40,000 Stomachs To Fill In One Weekend!

As the best restaurant in Clapham, (well, you wouldn’t argue, would you?), we’re used to being busy. However, I have to admit that I’m a little anxious, making sure we’re fully prepared for a fairly major event.

At the end of August, right through the whole of the weekend, around 40,000 people will be invading Clapham! It’s coming up to time for the South West Four festival, which is a music festival that spans two days, with around 20,000 people coming to Clapham Common on each day. That’s a great many hungry tummies!

Many of them, I’m sure, will be looking out for the best restaurant in Clapham, and we believe that what we have to offer at Eco is just right. Because much of the food available around here is either not filling enough, or too heavy. Those 40,000 young people (young at heart too) will need all their energy in order to keep going for two days solid.

Much of the music is dance music, and that requires plenty of energy to keep going! But at the same time you can hardly strut your stuff if your stomach feels as though it’s got a lead ball in it. Our pizza bases are made using our unique salt dough recipe, making it light and tasty, unlike many pizza bases which can be fairly heavy, and certainly not suited to bouncing up and down for 48 hours afterwards.

Perhaps many of the headline acts will be on the lookout for the best restaurant in Clapham, including Carl Cox, Paul Oakenfold, Judge Jules, Pete Tong, John Digweed, Erick Morillo, Armand Van Helden and Josh Wink, but we’ll welcome anyone who enjoys good food.

If you’re in Clapham at the end of the month, you know where to come, and if you see a few tired people looking a little danced out, you’ll point them in our direction, won’t you?