Team Eco – A Winning Side

Who are these people who make the best loved restaurant in Clapham Common the choice venue for pizza enthusiasts that it is today?

Well, in the beginning was the Creator, known to some as Sami Wasif. When Sami created Eco Restaurants his stated aim was to “push the boundaries of the people’s expectation of food (beyond the mere satisfactory)”.

He developed Eco’s unique sourdough pizza, a process that has been continuing over two decades. It is a process that combines different types of flour and opts for natural fermentation to deliver a unique pizza base that is full-flavoured yet healthy and enjoyable to eat.

Operations and creativity are the responsibility of Charmaine Wasif, Sami’s daughter. Charmaine was born into the catering industry, but she left behind a potential career in architecture to return to her vocational roots. Charmaine currently focuses on the creative and marketing side of the operation.

Jannett Jindi started her career at Eco as a kitchen porter and then a waiter despite having gained a degree at the University of Sudan, and has worked her way up to the role of Administration Manager and Personal Assistant to Sami. Jannett now takes care of all the administrative work involved with the business.

Finances meanwhile are taken care of by George Gergis, who like Jannett started his Eco career “at the kitchen sink”. His role includes purchase manager, stock control and wages.

These key people, along with the whole team of chefs, waiters, waitresses and managers, work together to create and to bring to you the most talked about Clapham pizza. Every member of the workforce is valued for his or her creative talent in bringing about the best pizza that one can buy for miles around.

It is strength in depth, as well as just at the top, that gives the Eco Restaurant family the edge in both product and service.

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