The Elvis Pizza

A couple of years ago I visited the world famous Eden Project. For the benefit of the unfamiliar the project describes itself as “a top gardens and conservation tourist attraction and educational charity in Cornwall”.

One of the attractions at the Eden Project was a feature called “Elvis’ Pizza”. In groups of no more than four at a time, visitors climbed into a London taxi cab which rocked around on a pole to give an impression that it was being driven (if I recall correctly there was even a dummy taxi driver sat at the front!), whilst a video played with a narrative going into some detail on the subject of what was reputed to be Elvis Presley’s favourite pizza.

Now I would not want to criticise the King of Rock’n’Roll, but the man did like to eat. And apparently the ingredients for his pizza of choice were shipped in from the four corners of the globe. “Elvis’ Pizza” inspired one to think about just how much fossil fuel was burned in the cause of bringing one man his favoured snack. He must have had a carbon footprint like the Yeti.

We know better today, of course. Many shops and restaurants source their supplies locally and take other measures to ensure that their food is produced with as little damage to the environment as is at all possible. Ideally we aim to put back whatever we take out. This applies not only to purchasing ingredients, but also to such aspects as disposing of waste and eco-friendly packaging.

At Eco Restaurant, Clapham High Street, we pride ourselves on our commitment to ecology. Carefully sourced produce is not only environmentally friendly, but healthier too. Composting waste food meets better hygiene and a dramatic reduction in packaging and waste. Everyone is a winner.

Sadly Elvis never made it to our restaurant, but if he had I’ve no doubt he would have been convinced. The best restaurant in Clapham, after all, has just got to be fit for a King.

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