The Only Real Pizza is Healthy and Fun to Eat

Think of pizza and what ingredients spring immediately to mind?

Of course there are hundreds, possibly even thousands, of additions, toppings and general embellishments that one can use on a pizza to give it a unique appearance and taste.

It has to be said that to the purists there are only two “proper” pizzas – the margherita and the marinara, and the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoltana (True Neapolitan Pizza Association) indeed recognises only these two. The former of course consists of tomato and mozzarella and the latter tomato, garlic, oregano and extra virgin olive oil.

But go to any pizza restaurant today and the choice available will invariably be from a far broader range than the two “original” pizzas about which the anoraks would appear to be so precious.

At the Eco Restaurant – undisputedly one of the best Italian restaurants in Clapham – for example, the menu caters for those who like it hot, those who prefer the taste of fish over meat, or indeed those who are vegetarians. Many of the ingredients used, such as salami, funghi (mushrooms), anchovies and olives, have themselves become established pizza ingredients at more or less any restaurant.

One pizza that has achieved growing popularity is the quattro formaggi (four cheeses). At Eco this is a much ordered dish comprising fontina, bel paese, dolcelatte and mozzarella and finished in a tomato sauce with garlic and olive oil. With more people choosing to adopt a vegetarian diet this is inevitably a combination that is in real demand amongst many customers.

One can rely on the chefs at this prestigious and popular Clapham restaurant to blend the flavours of these unique cheeses to create a taste that is truly to savour.

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