The Origins of Mozzarella Cheese

There is a legend, entirely unconfirmed, that mozzarella cheese was first discovered by accident when some cheese curds were inadvertently dropped into a pail of hot water at a Neapolitan food factory.

Mozzarella cheese, along with tomatoes, is of course an essential ingredient of the original Margarita pizza. It is made from the rich milk of the water buffalo. Opinions differ as to how, when and why the water buffalo was introduced into Italy; some believe Mark Anthony brought them into the country from Egypt as a gift to the Emperor Julius Caesar.

Another theory is they were introduced into Italy from India in the seventh century, whilst others believe they were brought by invaders – Normans or Greeks. The cheese product is sometimes called mozzarella di bufala in recognition of its source.

In the late seventies the Italian government officially recognized the mozzarella di bufala as a protection to consumers from the fraudulent practice of selling mozzarella made of cow’s milk at a higher price than the real thing. Later, in 1993, mozzarella di bufala became a protected cheese, regulated by the “Consortium of Mozzarella di Bufala Campana” which guaranteed the origin and legal standard of identity as made only from 100% water buffalo milk.

The “Consortium for the Protection of the Buffalo Cheese of Campania" is an organisation of approximately 200 producers which, under Italian law, is responsible for the "protection, surveillance, promotion and marketing" of authentic mozzarella cheese.

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