Variety is the Spice of Life

SpicesI will never forget the expression of confused horror on my father’s face as he contemplated the price list upon the wall at the fish and chip shop in Liverpool. For there amongst the mushy peas, pies, saveloys and pasties was a little local delicacy that went by the name of “fish”.

“What kind of fish do you sell?” he asked the girl behind the counter.

She looked at him a little bemused, and gestured with her hand to indicate a marine life form given to swimming through the water.

The whole experience was a real culture shock to my London-born father. Down here in the Smoke we have a choice between cod, rock (dogfish), skate, plaice and haddock to name but a few.

We have already seen how the earliest eating houses served only one basic meal of the day. Try to imagine a busy street featuring only one make of car, and only one model in only one colour. If in your despondency you should retire to the pub for solace try to envision your reaction to the news that it only sells one brand of beer.

Thus it is with pizza, where the fresh ingredients are brought together to form a topping oozing with flavour, whether your preference happens to be pepperoni, four cheeses, seafood or spicy hot. It is the measured blend of all these toppings that brings out the pizza as a whole and that makes it what it describes itself as.

It would be a boring restaurant that merely offered “pizza”, without any description as to what has gone into it. After all, people are different and we all have different tastes.

Fortunately at Eco Restaurant, one of the most popular Clapham restaurants, the customer is spoilt for choice. Whatever topping takes your fancy, whether you like your pizza folded or open plan, or even if you prefer pasta or something entirely different, there is something at Eco for everybody.

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