When Worlds Collide It Can Be A Belt Busting Explosion

As a leading eco-minded Clapham restaurant we seem to sit within two rather contrasting worlds. On the one hand we can look out across a city which is home to some of the finest restaurants (included us, of course!) and purveyors of the highest quality food and ingredients.

But at the same time it’s very easy to see an abundance of fast food chains providing food on a plate to order, though without the plate. Or the knives and forks.
As a Clapham restaurant with a reputation for high quality we see it as both our passion and our mission to provide convenient options for people that are also of the highest quality. Fast doesn’t have to mean poor quality or unhealthy. After all, just how long does it take to boil an egg, peel a banana or pour a glass of water?

It is simple food that is now winning and casual dining which means less expense, less formal and quite often better. We’re fast in output of plates however, it is our emphasis on preparation that makes us efficient; and more importantly the slow fermentation process behind the scenes of the operation of eco pizza dough, that makes eco pizza among the best quality pizza in the country. Once the dough is happy we can turn out as many pizza’s as the three deck oven can take.

One of the problems we think that we have seen develop over the years we have been running our Clapham restaurant is that people are often confused. It’s understandable. Even a cursory glance over the top of your pizza box at the television is enough to reveal today’s list of do’s and don’ts as far as healthy eating is concerned.

It’s easy to simply give up and assume that these experts don’t know what they’re talking about and rush straight to the next heart attack wrapped in red and yellow cardboard.

We’ll keep doing our bit, providing convenience with innovative quality. Perhaps that’s an innovation in itself, but certainly the kids who take part in our pizza school each week are convinced that you can still have the best of both worlds. They’d tell you themselves if they weren’t so busy tucking in to their
healthy pizza.

Now there are two words you don’t often find together in many places, but then as we said – as a Clapham restaurant we seem to be surrounded by two conflicting worlds.

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