Why ‘In’ And ‘On’ Are Much More Different Than Simply A Single Letter

Our kids pizza school is well known for providing kids with a fun-filled Saturday morning discovering how to make the perfect Eco pizza, with all their favourite toppings. Whether making it or eating it is more fun I’m not sure, but certainly the kids seem to enjoy both!

But last week I was struck by something one of the children said to me right at the beginning. Perhaps what struck me more was the fact that I was struck by his comment at all. Let me explain.

Just as we were preparing to get started one of the boys asked me ‘what goes in to a pizza?’

Now that might seem a perfectly innocent question to you, and so it is. Except that I couldn’t help noticing that he had asked what goes in to a pizza, rather than what goes on a pizza. Because it’s perhaps one of the most natural things a child might ask when they’re told they’re going to make a pizza, or have a pizza. We think of pizza toppings – our choice of ingredients that go on top. But of course that’s only the topping – the pizza base is very much part of the deal, and yet often it’s ignored.

Of course, at Eco we have never ignored the base, and in fact came up with our own unique pizza base salt dough recipe for a light, tasty and healthy pizza base. It’s what we teach at the pizza school. But just as we’ve spent years thinking about what goes in to our pizzas, most people just think about what goes on them.

Except this boy last week. Was it just an accidental phrased? An unintentional choice of preposition? Or was there really more of an understanding about the fact that the food we eat is comprised entirely of ingredients, and we have a choice over every one of them. Just as we have more of a choice than simply what goes on top of a pizza, so we have a choice about what goes in to our meals.

It’s too easy to be blind to the poor ingredients, and artificial ingredients going in to our food, seeing them only as the base we don’t see because of the more obvious ingredients piled on top.

Here’s to more children asking about what goes in to their food, and certainly at Eco we’ll keep encouraging children at our kids pizza school to think about the choices that too often are completely overlooked.

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