Wonderful Pizza, No Contest

PizzaThere is a compulsion somewhere deep within us all to do something better than anybody else has done, to make something bigger than anyone else has made, to go to extremes to which no other person has gone.

The world of pizza is by no means exempt from this lunacy. We commented in an earlier article about the world’s biggest pizza that was made, or perhaps we should say constructed, in South Africa a few years back.

But there are so many other records involving the pizza industry that it might be fun just to name a few.

In November 2004 the furthest pizza delivery in known history took place when a Vegetarian Supreme (what else?) that had been prepared in Feltham, West London ended up in Melbourne, Australia – Ramsey Street, home of the long-running soap opera Neighbours, to be precise – a distance of some 10,500 miles. Of course if the young lady who accompanied it had managed to keep it warm for the duration that really would have been impressive.

In 2006 one Cristian Dumitru, of Romania, ate two hundred pounds of pizza during the course of a week – more than his actual body weight – breaking Takeru Kobayashi’s previous record. Takeru later protested that the pizza Dumitru ate had too low a ratio of sauce to cheese to be actually be considered pizza, but the record stands all the same.

Later that same year, on a TV programme called The Early Show, Dennis Tran made three pizzas in just forty seconds and Pat Bertoletti broke another record by devouring seventeen slices of pizza in just five minutes.

Just last year an Amercian branch of a global pizza chain made and delivered a total of 6838 pizzas within a period of just 24 hours to celebrate the centenary of the California town of Taft.

But my favourite has to be the world record set by Erin O’Keefe and Amy Milano, also last year, who slapped each other around the face with a slice of pizza 174 times in 15 seconds on the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Show. The criteria attached to this ultimately successful performance were: “any type of pizza can be used – slaps must be directed to face – may not use more than two slices of pizza”.

Whilst we are always happy to see pizza in the news we at Eco Restaurant Clapham, one of the popular restaurants close to Clapham picture house, do not see our pizza making and baking as a contest. We are far too polite to slap anybody in the face with our succulent and nutritious pizza slices, it simply wouldn’t be good for business.

But if there was a record for the best pizza restaurant in Clapham Common then who knows?

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